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Were You Arrested for DUI in Tampa? You Have Ten Days to Take Action

By The Pawlowski & Mastrilli Law Group |

If you were arrested for intoxicated driving, you are likely feeling stressed out, overwhelmed by the situation and uncertain about what you should do next. This is normal; Florida DUI arrests are notoriously complex. Very few people have a strong understanding of the process. Indeed, most people do not realize it, but if you… Read More »


Florida Medical Malpractice: Anesthesia Errors

By The Pawlowski & Mastrilli Law Group |

For medical patients, anesthesia is incredibly valuable. These drugs can make invasive operations, that would otherwise be borderline unbearable, somewhat tolerable. Pain can be blocked, muscles can be relaxed and, in some cases, a patient may be unconscious throughout the entire procedure. At the same time, anesthesia is dangerous. These drugs are powerful; when… Read More »


Do My Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation in Florida?

By The Pawlowski & Mastrilli Law Group |

Under Florida law, the vast majority of employers that have four or more employees are legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. For employees, this coverage is important, as it will give workers access to desperately needed benefits (both income and medical) should they become injured while on the job. Yet, while injured Florida… Read More »


FDA Links Breast Implants to Rare Blood Cancer

By The Pawlowski & Mastrilli Law Group |

Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that there may be an association breast implants and a rare type of blood cancer known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). While first indications of a possible link were discovered six years ago, FDA officials have recently determined that the association is quite… Read More »


Florida Boat Accident Injury Lawsuits

By The Pawlowski & Mastrilli Law Group |

The Florida Suncoast is one of the best regions in the country for boat lovers.  Indeed, Tampa Bay is the largest estuary in the state, and it offers many excellent, unique spots for boating.  Though, it bears mentioning that, if proper safety precautions are not taken, boating can become extremely dangerous.  It is imperative… Read More »


Tampa Bay Bus Accidents: Frequently Asked Questions

By The Pawlowski & Mastrilli Law Group |

Due to their immense size, and the number of passengers they transport, buses must be operated with the highest level of safety in mind.  If you have been injured in a Florida bus accident, you deserve fair compensation for your injuries.  Here, our Tampa Bay bus accident lawyers answer some of the most frequently… Read More »


Were Your Charged With Driving With a Suspended License in Florida?

By The Pawlowski & Mastrilli Law Group |

It is something almost every driver has experienced: You are going on about your day, when suddenly there are blue and red lights and sirens coming flying up behind you.  You are getting pulled over.  Any traffic stop can ruin a driver’s day.  No matter how minor the infraction, getting pulled over is intimidating… Read More »


Florida Car Accidents Statistics

By The Pawlowski & Mastrilli Law Group |

Car accidents remain a very serious problem in the Florida Suncoast and throughout the wider United States. Indeed, the CDC reports that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of accident-related emergency room trips. Each year, more than 33,000 Americans are killed in crashes. Here, our Tampa auto accident lawyers review the latest crash… Read More »


Florida Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Plaintiff in Slip and Fall Case

By The Pawlowski & Mastrilli Law Group |

On March 29th, 2017, the Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal ruled in favor of a plaintiff in a slip and fall case. The case, McNabb v. Bay Village Club Condominium Association, Inc., provides a good window into how Florida courts handle slip and fall cases. More specifically, this case turned on the issue… Read More »


Landlord Liability for Florida Dog Bite Injuries

By The Pawlowski & Mastrilli Law Group |

According to the Florida Department of Health, dog bites result in hundreds of overnight hospital stays in our state every year. We need to do more to protect innocent victims of dog attacks, who are disproportionately young children. Dog owners have the primary legal responsibility to protect the public from the risks posed by… Read More »

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